Extra Large Pop Up Beach Tent


Within the Premium Beach Tent Package: 1 beach tent, 1 carrying bag, 6 12-inch robust inserts, 1 stake bag; wide open space by height: 51.2 inches; width: 94.5 inches; depth: 51.2 inches; large enough to fit 2 normal beach chairs; Super compact size and folded from 30.7 x 5.4 x 5.4 inches for easy fit into a small controlled luggage, checked luggage or a suitcase in the airplane or in the trunk of the car during your journey; 6.55 kg weight light; Perfect for beach, camping, sports viewing, park.
imported; The 190T polyester wall was attached to an Oxford 210D floor; both fully coated with 3000 mm PU internally to ensure 100% water impermeability and effectively absorb ultra-light; the highest level of UPF 50+ protection for reliable shielding against at least 98% of UVa and UVb rays; 3 large B3 mesh windows perfectly installed on the two opposite sides and at the back of the store for efficient ventilation and insect repellent; with the fins up and down to cover and uncover the window
5 extra large sandbags for extra stability; along with 6 inserts, 12 inches long, to handle a maximum wind of 25 mph; Automatic 8.5 mm fiberglass frame for configuration and removal of all ten with only one person in 60 seconds; with 2 yellow indicators to easily recognize the area to be maintained by lowering; A standard double sewing technique is fully used in each suture to ensure an absolutely robust and durable nail that effectively prevents sandy beach leakage
Extended dome for increased protection from the sun; extended floor cloth with sturdy plastic and electroplated zipper that does not rust when wet; Close the door to have complete privacy to change clothes, nap, breastfeeding, etc. 4 storage bags sewn into the 4 inside corners of the store for alternative compartments with ease to keep your phone, tablet or other useful items; 1 large storage bag sewn on the inner top of the back wall to keep your items larger
The store’s exquisitely beautiful and charming blue color makes it an ideal attraction for a sunny day on the beach or other recreational and recreational activities; Our tents are in perfect partnership with the CPAI-84 flame-resistant standard, which is a requirement for all tents in California, Minnesota, Michigan, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York; instructions printed on the handbag for easy control; Manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years and satisfaction guarantee with the money back



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